JULY(WAB data)(JULY.wav)

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※こちらの商品はダウンロード販売です。(36320302 バイト)


This is a copyright-free original BGM.
Feel free to use YouTube videos, BGM for videos, etc.


【Usage Policy】

・ You can use it regardless of commercial or non-commercial use as long as it is within the terms of use.

・ There is no special request for credit notation and license (when listed: Music: Nita Limo-JULY)

-The sound source being released is not registered with copyright management organizations such as YouTube Content ID and JASRAC.

-Although it is titled copyright-free, it does not mean that the copyright is abandoned, and the copyright belongs to Nita Limo.

・ Prohibitions (1) Acts of misrepresenting the name of the song or composer, (2) Unauthorized sale of music files, (3) Reprinting non-creative BGM content such as "Working BGM Summary"



・クレジット表記、使用許諾については特別お願いしておりません(記載される場合は Music:Nita Limo - JULY と記載ください)

・著作権フリーと題していますが著作権を放棄している訳ではなく、著作権はNita Limoに帰属します

・禁止事項 (1) 楽曲名称・作曲者名を偽る行為、(2) 音楽ファイルの無断販売、(3) 「作業用BGMまとめ」などの創作性のないBGMコンテンツの転載

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